Welcome to Southern University of
Science and Technology (SUSTech)

A new rapidly growing university with exciting new opportunities, at SUSTech, we don’t simply dream, we nurture dreamers with critical thinking, open-mindedness and an innovative spirit. We aim to excel in interdisciplinary research, to nurture innovative talents and to deliver new knowledge to the world.

From day one we have dedicated ourselves to advancing the fields of science and technology, imparting knowledge and building a top-tier higher education institution. Home to a talented international team of 300+ people, our valued academic research makes a big impact in China and across the world. Taking great pride in providing students with the skills they need to succeed around the globe, we currently deliver 22 undergraduate programmes and have ambitious plans for expansion.

Many of our students continue their doctoral studies at world-renowned universities and we aim to have 4,000 undergraduate and 6,000 postgraduate students studying here by 2020. Our strong regional and global connections provide good academic exchange opportunities and enable our graduates to realise their dreams as the next generation of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

This is an exciting time to be part of our growing success story as we build new facilities and create 7 new faculties, as well as 26 new research centres and 10 new key laboratories. Our green and modern campus is situated in the Nanshan (Southern Mountain) district within the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone only 35-minutes away from Hong Kong by train. We can offer talented academics a warm welcome, a great place to live and work and the opportunity to help shape our future as together we grow the global reputation of Southern University of Science & Technology as an international learning destination.

Dr. Chen Shiyi
President of Southern University of Science & Technology
Professor of Mechanics & Aerospace Engineering


We aspire to become a top-tier international university that excels in interdisciplinary research, nurturing innovative talents and delivering new knowledge to the world.


We aspire to move China’s higher education forward to match China’s ever-growing role and to be the home to the global creative science and business thinkers and innovators.


Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship